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S8032 40G SDN Switch

Applied to rail transit, expressway, power station, pipe gallery project and wireless wiring project


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  • S8032 PoE switches can satisfy the needs of the enterprise users and cloud data center, which are highly cost-effective, user-friendly, and able to manage a huge coverage. S8032 switches are 32 port 40G Ethernet Switches, suitable for TOR switch or 40G Spine-Leaf Internet structure, forming an unclogged CLOS Internet structure of flexible database center. S8032 switches have a standard size of 1RU, which can be installed into a 19 inches rack or 21 inches OCP rack.


    S8032 switches provide users with highly efficient and stable Internet environment to meet the requirements of the database center. They support double hot plug load balancing AC power supply, N+1 redundancy hot plug fan and the cooling system in the back and forth. The hardware of S8032 switches supports VXLAN and NVGRE, which is the best choice for the mainstream top-of-rack switch for virtualized database center.  


    Key Property

    ● Highly cost-effective and being able to form a Spine-Leaf Internet structure for database center.

    ● 32 QSFP with uplink, each of which supports 40G(DAC,40GBASE-SR4/LR4).

    ● 4x10G (DAC or Fiber optic shunt cable).

    ● Exchange capacity 1.28Tbps.

    ● Supports VXLAN and NVGRE and the application of Internet virtualization.

    ● It can be installed into a 19 inches rack or 21 inches OCP rack.

    ● Supports the hot-swappable design of redundant AC power supply.

    ● Comes with the effective heating and cooling system with the design of port-to-power wind flow.

    ● Upfront are the pluggable ports while the hot-swap power and fan are in the back, which is easy to dismantle.

    ● 4+1 redundant fan design, along with the hot-swappable fan module.  

    ● Management interface: Ethernet or RJ45 Ports; USB storage port.

  • Product Features

    Fixed port:48 QSFP and 40G ports.

    One RJ45 Management port.

    One RJ45 Console port

    One USB Type A Storage port 


    Main components:

    Switch chipset: Broadcom Trident 2 plus

    CPU module 

    Intel 4 core 2.4 GHZ x 86 processors.


    16GB SPI Flash

    8GB NAND Flash



    Wire-speed forwarding:L2/L3

    Exchange capacity: 1.28Tbps

    Packet forwarding rate:1904 Mpps

    Max Jumbo frame 9216 Bytes

    Packet cache capacity:16MB integrated packet buffer

    Based on various NOS

    MAC Address:32K min/288 K max

    VLAN IDs:4K

    IPv4:16K min./112K max(L3 host )

    IPv6:8K min./56K max(L3 host )

    Fiber and copper acceptable

    QSFP+ port:


    40GBASE-CR4 DAC to 4xSFP+DAC(except for 21-28 ports)



    40G QSFP+ port LED: linked

    Ethernet managed ports LED: linked

    System LEDs:Ps1,Ps2,Diag,Fan,Loc,Sys

    Mode LED: linked



    Pre-installed Open Network Install environment (ONIE) program installer

    Compatible with the following NOS choices

    Open Linux system

    Open source operating system

    Flexible exchange between system software


    Power Module:

    PSUs :2 hot-swappable, load balancing, AC power supply

    Input voltage: AC 90 to 264 V(50-60Hz)

    Input current: 3A@200/240VAC

    Power-supply efficiency: AC power supply up to 93% effective.

    Maximum power: 250w



    EMC standard:

    EN55022 Class A

    FCC Part15 Class A


    EN61000-3-3( flicker)



    Safety standard:



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