HN-AC1000 High-Performance AC integrated Gigabit Router
  • HN-AC1000 High-Performance AC integrated Gigabit Router

Applied to rail transit, expressway, power station, pipe gallery project and wireless wiring project


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    HN-AC1000 is a new generation of enterprise-level high-performance router newly launched by Shenzhen Hi-Net Technology Company. The hardware of the router adopts X86 architecture multi-core processor, integrating routing, AC, authentication, and flow control which is positioned using in enterprises, hotels, and shopping malls. It can connected with devices maximum up to 1,000pcs.


    HN-AC1000 adopts intelligent flow control management function, only need to set your actual bandwidth, you can easily solve the problem of bandwidth occupation. It provides AC management function, which can manage all types of APs which produced by Shenzhen Hi-Net Technology Company, and supports the management of up to 1000 terminal devices.


    HN-AC1000 has a variety of authentication methods at the same time, which effectively guarantees the security of the network. The router provides a wired and wireless integrated solution. It is an ideal cost-effective product to meet users' needs for network security, efficiency and convenience.


    Product Features


    1. Intel processor
    2. 4GB DDR2 memory
    3. 32GB solid state drive
    4. 6*10/100M/1000M RJ45 ports
    5. 2*SFP ports
    6. On-board VGA interface
    7. 2*USB ports
    8. External Console port
    9. Unified management of APs, up to 1000 terminals can be managed
    10. Support multiple authentication methods, WeChat authentication/Portal/One-key authentication
    11. Support AC controller function, can flexibly manage wireless APs in the intranet, and uniformly issue SSID, encryption and other parameters
    12. Support SD-WAN function, simplify networking between enterprises
    13. Support load balancing, bandwidth overlay, circuit break detection
    14. Provide internal network IP/MAC/domain name white list, IP&MAC binding, MAC address cloning
    15. Cloud remote centralized management of equipment
    16. Support P o r t V l an, V l an D H C P, VLAN&SSID mapping
    17. Support port mapping, policy routing, static routing
    18. Support dynamic DDNS
    19. Support online user traffic statistics, WAN port traffic statistics
    20. Support dynamic IP, PPPOE, static IP access technology
    21. Support DDNS and virtual server function, easily build intranet server and private website
    22. Support Ping, Tracert and other fault detection tools to help quickly find and eliminate network faults
    23. External LED system status and access status display
    24. Working Temperature040
    25. 19inch rack-mount metal case
    26. MTBF200,000 hours
    27. Warranty2years
  • Product Specifications:





    Networking Interfaces

    6x10/100/1000M RJ45 WAN ports(Configurable

    2x10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 LAN ports

    Maximum connected devices



    Intel dual core

    RAM for CPU




    LED Indicators

    Each portLink/ActSpeed

    Each devicePowerSYS

    Operating Temperature


    Storage Temperature

    Temperature-40℃ ~+70℃(storage),HumidityNon-condensing5%~95%(storage

    Power Method

    100240V AC,50/60Hz





    Installation method



    Network protocol


    Access method

    Dynamic IPStatic IPPPPoE

    LAN port settings

    WAN port configuration

    LAN port configuration

    Port Mapping

    Port Vlan

    Vlan DHCP

    Multi-WAN strategy

    Load balancing

    Bandwidth overlay

    Policy routing

    Line backup

    flow control

    Based on IP/IP group

    Behavior management

    Application control, one-click control of social software/video software/music software/shopping and leisure software/news software/P2P software/financial software/online games/app store/basic applications and other common applications to restrict domain name white-list/filter MAC address


    URL audit

    Traffic audit

    Flow control


    user group

    Fair competition among users


    32 IPSec VPN

    32 Open VPN

    Cloud management

    Authentication strategy

    Advertising Strategy

    Centralized/Group Management

    Remote maintenance


    WeChat with WIFI

    SMS authentication

    Portal authentication

    Radius certification


    System log

    WAN port log

    VPN log

    Summary statistics

    AC Management

    AP unified management

    RF optimization

    Two-tier fast roaming

    Automatic channel adjustment

    Linear power adjustment

    SSID and Tag VLAN mapping

    Forbid weak signal clients to access and kick weak signal clients

    WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA2 security encryption mechanism


    Cloud management

    Configure VPN access policy

    Automatically establish a point-to-point VPN network


    Chinese Web network management, remote management

    Configuration backup and import configuration

    System software upgrade

    Interface traffic statistics, IP traffic statistics

    Online detection, ping, tracert diagnostic tools

    Packing list

    AC controller


    User manual


    Warranty Card


    Power cord


  •          Order Information:




    High-performance AC integrated Gigabit router 



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