RMA Policy

Flow Description

1. The defective product is returned to the company by the customer for repair;

2. Channel dealer customers directly feedback to branch technical support.

3. The branch FAE initially judges whether the product is a hardware failure or a software BUG.

4. The after-sales maintenance department conducts the accounting management of the defective products after the defective repaired products of the dealer;

5. The accounting administrator shall verify the fault and determine the type of maintenance (whether the insurance is out of warranty, man-made damage, etc.);

6. Defective machines within the warranty period that are not damaged by humans will be directly transferred to maintenance engineers for maintenance analysis;

7. Repaired products that are abnormally damaged (man-made defects) during the warranty period and repaired products that have passed the warranty period will be repaired for a fee after the failure is determined;

8. After-sales service of charged repair and repair products, list the repair items, cost list, etc., and feedback to the customer for confirmation;

9. If the customer does not agree to repair, directly return the defective machine to the customer;

10. The customer agrees to pay the maintenance cost of the maintenance machine according to the account provided by the company;